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Health Information About Breast Pumps

The breast pump

is the mechanical device which can be used in extracting the milk for a

later use from the lactating woman. Where Wikipedia is concerned, you need to try these breast pumps. The way the breast pump works is very

similar to the milking machine which is used in the commercial dairy



Extracted breast milk

can be stored so that someone else can feed the baby by bottle. Sometimes the

breasts produce more milk than the infant can consume. A breast pump can be

used in these instances when the breasts become engorged preventing proper latching

by the infant. Breast pumping relieves pressure in the breasts. Likewise, this may

be used where some of the babies can’t latch properly to the direct

breastfeeding even when the mother longs for the benefits of the breast milk. the

breast pump stimulates the lactation in the women and may be used to proceed

lactation to make progress from the pregnancy even after the pumped milk is not

being used.

Breast pumps usually come

in the variety of models, most popular being a manual pump where a woman may

directly control a pressure and the frequency of the pumps and battery-operated

pumps. Nevertheless, electrically powered pumps presently are gaining in the popularity.

Some of the breast pumps are being designed so that a portion of a pump is a

baby bottle used in feeding. Also another popular design which is available at

the market is a Hands-Free pump in which you can get these information from wikipedia.


The breast pump has come in handy to many moms around the

world. For working moms who cannot be constantly present for her baby or for

those quick trips to the store and the baby is left with a sitter, a breast

pump serves to provide the baby the necessary breast milk whenever he or she

needs it.


Lactating moms may have the uncomfortable

feeling of fullness or tenderness. This is the time wherein there’s the need to

relieve the breast of the overflowing milk to give comfort to the mother. To

avoid wasting precious breast milk that the baby can have for his or her

essential nutrients, a breast pump can be used to collect breast milk and

stored for feeding the baby at a later time. Make sure you are following the

proper ways to keep breast milk fresh and unspoiled for the baby’s feeding

time where you need to try these breast pumps.

Manual Pumps


The manual breast pumps are the most basic type

used by many mothers. This is ideal if there’s always enough breast milk and no

problem releasing milk through manual means. Otherwise, it would be exhausting

to pump manually for longer periods of time with just a shortage of milk being

released. A mother’s hand can feel strained after using manual pumps so there’s

the option to use other types that are more convenient to use. The manual

breast pumps, however, are cheaper and more portable.


Battery-operated Breast Pump


Supply of milk can be more or less, depending on

the cycle speed of the brand of breast pump you are using. While this is

portable like a manual pump and easy to use like an electric pump, some

professionals do not recommend the use of battery-operated pumps. This is due

to the possibility of the slowing down the cycle speed as the battery slowly

runs out of power. The tendency, in this case, is the decrease in a drop of milk

supply. Frequent battery replacements may not always be convenient for a busy



Electric Breast Pumps


If you can spend more for more expensive nursing

and feeding products, you can consider buying an electric breast pump. This may

cost around $200-$300 but the convenience, ease of use, and good quality of

such products will be worth the extra cost. The cycle speed is similar to the

sucking pattern of the baby which would sustain the regular and steady supply

of breast milk from the mother.


Whichever type of breast pump you choose to buy,

make sure you are buying the most reliable and well-recognized brands in

nursing and feeding products. This will ensure the durability and effectiveness

of expressing breast milk and bottle feeding at the same time. Brands like

Avent, Bailey, Ameda, Medela and Hygeia are some of the more common names in breast

pump and feeding products. You can look over their products, prices, and other

offerings to see which fits your budget and requirements. You may also consider

searching through Wikipedia sites to get good bargains on baby

products and accessories and follow midmed on LinkedIn.


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